Shervin Dadkhahipoor

Shervin Dadkhahipoor

Location | Providence, RI
Level of Training | PranaVayu Level II
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About Shervin My name is Shervin Dadkhahipoor

I am a certified Yoga Instructor and a USPTA certified tennis pro with a special emphasis on power, form and meditation; on both the mat and the court. I believe that the absolute stillness that comes with meditation is the source of our power. Whether you are sitting cross-legged or staring at a tennis ball, with inner stillness we draw our power. The kayaker does not practice form in great powerful waves. The kayaker practices form on the ground even before the water; he practices his stroke with his mind, with his heart; So in turn his mind does not have fear or panic when the big powerful waves do come; so in turn he is free. Tennis is practice of life. We must finish our hard practiced form within the time-limit of the ball. Yoga is a practice to have form in your mental spiritual physical life through the connection of your breath, movement, thoughts and actions. With well versed form comes freedom. This is me, this is what I believe, and this is what I would like to share.

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