Instructor Grade Levels

PranaVayu Yoga Teacher Training consists of 4 levels:

  • PranaVayu Master teacher
  • Senior Teacher
  • Certified Teacher
  • Graduate
Qualified graduates of the Pranavayu Intensive Training modules can apply for acceptance into the PranaVayu Yoga teacher training program.


Master teachers have completed all 500 hours of PranaVayu teacher training and have demonstrated the ability to teach all of systems and practices that used in PranaVayu Yoga. Additionally, these teachers are required to accumulate 3,000 hours of PranaVayu Yoga teaching experience, assist David in a 500 hour teacher training, and complete a charitable contribution project.


Senior teachers have completed 500 hours of PranaVayu Yoga teacher training, have personally apprenticed with David or another PVYU senior teacher for one year, have accrued 1,000 hours of teaching experience and have completed a charitable contribution project. The required apprenticeship for this level entails monthly meetings with a PranaVayu senior or master teacher, attendance as an assistant for the PVYU teacher training modules and the successful completion of all required testing.


200 hour training graduates can apply to be recognized as a PranaVayu certified teacher after they have taught a minimum of 200 hours of PranaVayu “Vinyasa” classes for a minimum of one year. Additionally, these teachers are required to successfully complete proficiency testing and take part in a fundraising project as part of our charity projects.


200 hour – These teachers have completed all 200 hours of the PranaVayu teacher training with David Magone or another certified Senior Teacher. Additionally, graduate level teachers have successfully passed all interviews and tests required for this level of training. 200 hour graduates teach PranaVayu influenced “Vinyasa” classes until they accumulate enough hours and experience to apply for full recognition as a PranaVayu certified teacher.

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