Bali Seven Day Syllabus

Times:  9 hours daily with a one hour break for lunch.  

Daily Schedule: Each day’s training will typically begin with meditation and will include a morning and afternoon yoga practice session and two to three experiential lectures designed to help you understand the theory behind our methods.

May 1:   Arrive and Settle In

May 2 – 4:  Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation Intensive

Perfect for beginning and experienced meditators alike, these sessions will introduce you to a number of transformative tools that can be used to reduce destructive emotional states such as anger, fear and worry/anxiety. These sessions will include: twice daily yoga practices, ,  multiple short meditation practice sessions designed to give you the opportunity to experience what meditation is all about, body scanning techniques that can be used to consciously relax and release stress; on overview of the basics of seated meditation; helpful techniques that will help you sharpen your ability to concentrate; antidotes to common obstacles that arise in meditation, and a full overview of the five moods of meditation

May 5 – 7:  Key Secrets to Flexibility

This three day session will show you how to use our skeletal alignment system to improve your overall strength and flexibility through intelligent postural alignment.   Derived from simple mechanical principles, this unique method will provide you with fun and effective methods that can be used to affect INSTANTANEOUS improvements in your yoga practice.

These sessions will include:  An overview of the benefits of efficient skeletal positioning; the locations of 9 sections of the skeletal structure that can be used to position your yoga postures quickly and easily; Universal movement principles that can be used to instantaneously develop greater range of motion in backbends, forward folds, side bends and twists; tips for arm balances and inversions; practical methods that will help you experience how to use our system of alignment for injury prevention

8: Depart

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